A Girl Returned

from 14 y/o
Italy, Switzerland


04.10 17:00 In the cinema Multikino room 2
06.10 17:00 In the cinema Multikino room 2

The summer of 1975, a 13-year-old girl, suitcase in one hand and a bag of shoes in the other, knocks at an unknown door. Her sister Adriana opens it – they’ve never seen each other. So begins the story of a teenager who, as an infant, was given up for fostering due to poverty. When she returns to her family, she loses everything overnight: a comfortable home, her closest friends, the unconditional love of her parents – or rather the people she considered her parents. That is how her new and very different life begins, from the adoptive family to her real one, going from wealth to poverty, both material and spiritual. Her new home is small and dark, there are brothers everywhere and little food on the table to share. But there’s Adriana, who shares a bed with her.

sensitive content: abandonment, sexual harassment, death of a family member


Giuseppe Bonito

After working for a long time as an assistant director, he made his directing debut in 2012 with the film Pulce non c’è which won the Special Jury Prize at the Rome Film Festival and earned Giuseppe a nomination for best first-time director at the Nastri d’Argento awards. In 2020, he directed the film Figli. It won three Silver Ribbon awards, including for the best comedy. A Girl Returned is his third film.