Ellens Ark

Ellen’s Ark

from 12 y/o

no dialogue

03.10 12:00 Longing for the Impossible. Short Films Multikino room 2
05.10 09:30 Longing for the Impossible. Short Films Multikino sala 4

Ellen has lost her younger brother. He fell down the stairs. One can die in far stranger ways. But you can also die in an everyday way. David’s blood flowed in straight lines between the tiles, but the grief does not flow in straight lines for Ellen. The film takes us into Ellen’s space, where everyday life is halted and the laws of reality are suspended. Ellen’s Ark is a poetic, wordless story about loss and finding one’s own way through grief.

sensitive content: death of a loved one, mourning


Lowe Haak

A freelance animator and an animation director graduate of the National Film School of Denmark. He loves visual storytelling, good timing and simplicity.