Bimo xinglü

Traveling Through Brush and Ink

from 4 y/o

no dialogue

02.10 10:00 Sound Painted Scena Wspólna
02.10 12:00 Sound Painted Scena Wspólna
03.10 09:30 Sound Painted Scena Wspólna
03.10 12:00 Sound Painted Scena Wspólna

A piece of food in the beak of a bird becomes a man traveling through the landscapes of four important paintings from China’s art history. Being a creature that has been created from colour and form he begins to take on any shape, turns from being a man to being a bird to being a tree. Traveling has a different meaning if you think of it in an animation context: it is not so much moving from here to there but rather about becoming one thing and then another.

Ale Kino! For the Youngest Young

Annlin Chao

She is a film and animation producer and director. She has been involved in producing commercial videos, music videos and short films for such clients as Channel 4, V&A museum, Sub Pop from Warner Music Group, National Palace Museum in Taiwan, Humanities Research in European Area (HERA), just to name a few.