Vinski ja näkymättömyyspulveri

Vinski & the Invisibility Powder

od 9 lat
from 9 y/o


02.10 10:00 In the cinema Multikino room 2
03.10 09:30 In the cinema Multikino room 2
04.10 12:00 In the cinema Multikino room 6

Vinski is a shy 10-year-old raised by a somewhat overprotective mother. When he meets a mysterious pharmacist who offers him invisibility dust, his life changes dramatically. For he receives a magical powder that allows him to become invisible and walk through walls. At first, Vinski uses his new powers for pranks, but he befriends the pharmacist and learns that being a hero requires wisdom and sometimes the ability to stay in the shadows. To Vinski’s misfortune, a nasty gang of crooks soon become interested in the secret of invisibility.

sensitive content: being brought up without a father


Juha Wuolijoki

An award-winning director, writer and producer. He has directed well-known actors such as John Turturro (O Brother, Where Art Thou?), Burt Young (Rocky) and Tony Sirico (The Sopranos Family). Juha has produced Finnish box office hits, including the family film Ella and Friends. His family film Father Christmas (2007) was the highest grossing Finnish film of the year. Member of the European Film Academy and the Producers Guild of America.