Coco Farm

from 10 y/o

Polish with English subtitles

28.11 12:00 Multikino room 4
29.11 09:30 Multikino room 6
02.12 11:00 Multikino room 2

Due to moving houses, 12-year-old Max has to close down his business. But his sense of entrepreneurship never fails him: when he notices free-range hens in his cousin Charles’ barn, he comes up with a new idea: to set up an organic farm!


Sébastien Gagné

He is a recipient of four Gémeaux awards and one of the pioneers of the Quebec digital scene. His achievements have stood out in Quebec and abroad and have earned him the recognition of his peers. Coco Farm is his first feature film. Sébastien is working on several films at different stages of development. He will be in the creative residency of the Carrousel de Rimouski 2023 under the guidance of mentor Marc Robitaille to perfect Les Gamins, his next feature film.