Dounia & the Princess of Aleppo

from 7 y/o

French with Polish voiceover and English subtitles

30.11 09:30 Multikino room 2
03.12 10:00 Multikino room 2

6-year-old Dounia and her family must flee the city. In her hand, she holds magical nigella seeds, and in her head – a story about the princess of Aleppo, who serves as the girl’s guide on her journey to find a new home.

Children’s Panorama

André Kadi

André, who arrived in Canada in 2007 as a graphic novel author and a musician, joined Frima animation studios, where he stayed for over 11 years. He co-founded Du Coup Animation in 2018, then Du Coup Production in 2021. A rigorous studio head who directs most of Du Coup’s projects, he co-directed Dounia in 2020 with Marya Zarif. Dounia and the Princess of Aleppo is his first feature film.

Marya Zarif

A multidisciplinary artist who has developed expert skills in multiplatform design, screenplay writing and direction, and has fifteen years of experience in contents aimed for young audiences. In 2020, she created, wrote and co-directed her first animated web series for the young, Dounia. Dounia and The Princess of Aleppo is her first feature film.