El Sueño de Emma

Emma's Dream

od 15 lat

Spanish with Polish and English subtitles

30.11 19:30 Multikino room 1
01.12 19:30 Multikino room 1

Emma and her father live in a small house at the river on Delta del Tigre. Emma is rehearsing a Shakespeare play at school and she dreams to visit London. When such an opportunity comes, Marcos and Emma will have to understand another possible way of loving.


Germán Vilche

He has a vast work experience in TV series, documentaries, commercials, music videos and feature films in his home country. As D.O.P, he has worked on countless global commercials, music videos as well as feature films. His storytelling passion goes side by side with his passion for nature. His short film Fugitiva was filmed in Patagonia. His other two short films were made entirely in the Tigre Delta and so was Emma's Dream, his debut feature.