from 12 y/o

Dutch with Polish and English subtitles

27.11 12:00 Multikino room 4
28.11 17:00 Multikino room 4
01.12 12:00 Multikino room 3

Shy, deaf Jamie (12) moves to the boarding school for the deaf to start her new school. She is reluctant to make new friends. When she is suddenly unable to go home at the weekend, an unexpected plan develops with her bold classmate Imane (13). Together they set off on a road trip to Paris, but soon things do not go as planned and the trip takes an adventurous turn. Jamie is forced to come out of her shell. The trip full of obstacles and special encounters becomes a journey to remember.

Children’s Panorama

Nicole van Kilsdonk

She graduated in 1991 with a degree in Film Directing and Screenplay from the Dutch Film and Television Academy. She made a number of television films. In 2006, she directed the children's series De cab van Palemu. Her feature films Taking Chances and The Day My Father Became a Bush won awards at international film festivals.