from 14 y/o
Argentina, Italy

Spanish with Polish and English subtitles

27.11 17:00 Multikino room 1
02.12 17:00 Multikino room 1

Damián (11) is separated from a negligent and violent family and taken to live in a children’s home. Accompanied by Leandro (40), a social worker with a history similar to his, he will have to accept that his previous life is behind, and that despite the anger he feels, it is possible to build a new one.


Arturo Castro Godoy

Graduated from the Santafesinean Film and Audiovisual Arts School, he also studied Literature on the National Litoral University, in Santa Fe. Has written and directed three Feature Films. The Silence (2015), Breathe (2018), and Rhinoceros (2022). Married for 15 years, he has two sons, Tomás, 15 years old, and Felipe, 8 years old.