Roselil og stentrolden

Rosa and the Stone Troll

from 6 y/o

Polish dubbing with English subtitles

29.11 09:30 Multikino room 3
02.12 11:00 Multikino room 1

Rose is a flower fairy who is afraid to step outside the safe space of her neighbourhood. One day, she meets Silk, an energetic butterfly whom she instantly befriends. Soon the fairy has to overcome her fear and set out to help the butterfly, who has been kidnapped by a troll.


Karla Nor Holmbäck

The director Karla Holmbäck graduated from the National Film School of Denmark in 2018 with the short film Holly on the Summer Island. Karla’s film was one of the most viewed on DR’s streaming site and has also been to many festivals. Rosa and the Stone Troll is her feature debut.