Sea Sparkle

Sea Sparkle

from 12 y/o
The Netherlands

Dutch with Polish and English subtitles

27.11 12:00 Multikino room 1
03.12 14:00 Multikino room 1

One day, Lena’s father, a ship captain, does not return home from work. People in the town start spreading rumours that the accident was his fault. Hearing that, the girl does her best to prove there is a giant, dangerous creature living in the sea.


Domien Huyghe

Born in Belgium in 1988, the director and screenwriter is an alumnus of the Torino FilmLab’s SeriesLab and Midpoint TV Launch programmes. His short film Maverick and his music videos for bands including Blaudzun, Antler King and Arches have brought him international recognition. Zeevonk is his debut feature film.