The Swineherd

from 8 y/o
28.11 09:30 Mini-Lectures on Maxi-Issues. Short animations Multikino room 1

Hans Christian Andersen’s “The Swineherd” as you have never seen it before! In this entirely goofy and funny version of H.C. Andersen's famous fairy tale "The Swineherd", we meet the young swineherd who sits and looks after the king's pigs. Even though it is Christmas, the boy and the pigs are bored in the pigsty. But whoa! Suddenly the boy remembers his magic pot. It can always start the antics. Soon he finds it, and then there is a party and trouble in the pigsty. When the Princess, who is just as bored, discovers the magic pot and the party it's throwing, she HAS to get hold of it. But the Swineherd doesn't just want to get rid of it, because maybe you could get a little kiss in return... Will the Swineherd get his kiss, will the Princess stop being bored, and will it ever be Christmas in the pigsty?