Tiger Stripes

Tiger Stripes

od 15 lat
Malaysia, Taiwan, France, Germany, Netherlands, Singapore, Qatar, Indonesia

Malaysian with English and Polish subtitles

30.11 17:00 Multikino room 1
02.12 19:00 Kino Pałacowe
02.12 19:00 Kino Pałacowe

The first amongst her friends to hit puberty, Zaffan, 12, discovers a terrifying secret about her body. Ostracised by her community, Zaffan fights back, learning that to be free she must embrace the body she feared, emerging as a proud, strong woman.


Amanda Nell Eu

Amanda graduated from the London Film School with an MA in Filmmaking and is an alumna of Berlinale Talents and Locarno Filmmakers Academy. Her short films travelled and won awards in many international festivals. Tiger Stripes is her debut feature film.