Ale Jury! International Jury of Film Educators

Międzynarodowe Jury Edukatorów: obrazek przedstawia zdjęcia portretowe

We are announcing the first jury whose task is to award the Educators' Award for the best feature-length film for children. This year, this group will include Remke Oosterhuis, Michalina Drygasiewicz, Anna Gawrysiak-Knez and Remke Oosterhuis.

Remke Oosterhuis – she has a love for films, theatre, dance, art, children’s books and for the way children play. She worked for different film companies before starting ‘Taartrovers’ in 2003 together with others. ‘Taartrovers’ wants to inspire children to keep on using their imagination, to never stop playing and to give children the tools to create their own stories. ‘Taartrovers’ started a Film Festival in 2005 and has a special focus to create film programs and installations for very young children aged 2 till 6 years old.

Michalina Drygasiewicz – Master of Arts in Pedagogy. Speaker and educator associated with the New Horizons Association (Stowarzyszenie Nowe Horyzonty). Since 2015, she has been creating lesson plans for children and teenagers, giving lectures as part of the New Horizons of Film Education project and NHEF ONLINE. She is also a specialist in producing events for children and teenagers at the NH Cinema in Wrocław.

Anna Gawrysiak-Knez  – teacher of English and film education, local social activist. She also is a guide in Poznań,  juror of the National Review of Animated Films Created by Children "Oko Kalejdoskopu", and a fan of youth cinema. She represents Film Educators Team (Zespół Edukatorów Filmowych).