Bezsenność Jutki

The Sleeplessness of Jutka

from 10 y/o
Bezsenność Jutki Bezsenność Jutki

Polish with English subtitles

28.11 12:00 Small, big, huge. Short animations Multikino room 1

Jutka is a rebelious seven-year-old whose world fell apart when she was closed in the Łódz ghetto. Now she wants to get her childhood back. When a monstrous Minotaur begins hunting children in her neighbourhood, she must follow the advice of her grandfather in order to escape.


Maria Görlich-Opyd

Maria Görlich-Opyd born 1981 in Krakow. Graduated from the Faculty of Graphic Arts at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prof. Jerzy Kucia's Animated Film Studio. Her film debut was the movie Haiku.